Surgeons are familiar with researching and publishing articles in scientific journals. However, often such publications are worded in a complicated manner and are not easily understood by many people. The goal of this book is to successfully educate readers about the shoulder joint in order to familiarize them with this complex joint.

The surgeon supports patients in their decision-making. Ultimately, consent to therapy is in the hands of the patient. This book provides information on the various causes of shoulder pain and possible therapies.

"Empowering the patient to take informed decision".
Surgeons are not gods. They are responsible, but they do not do all the work. Thus, quality is defined not only by the surgeon's performance, but by all other aspects that influence patient satisfaction. The surgeon is the conductor who conducts his orchestra so that the sound is right in the end.
Dr. Taha is an international bestselling author and author of 3 books. He completed his training as an orthopedic surgeon in Switzerland. Since 2013, he has focused on shoulder and elbow surgery. Dr. Taha studied in Cairo, received his PhD in Zurich and completed 5 fellowships and several internships in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany and the USA. He is also the founder of

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